An estimated 500,000 guns are stolen each year, becoming available to prohibited users.
While the US justice system has traditionally focused its efforts at the front end of the system, by locking people up, it has not exerted an equal effort at the tail end of the system: decreasing the likelihood of reoffending among formerly incarcerated persons.
Employment discrimination against persons with criminal records varies from country to country.
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This therapy is intended to wean heroin users from the drug by administering small doses of methadone, thereby avoiding withdrawal symptoms.
Women offenders either were given alternative punishments or were housed alone within all-male institutions.
He especially deserves praise for teasing out the largest implications of his research.
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The five women, who attended the Naval Academy from the late 1970s to early 1980s, asserted that the article led to male midshipmen constantly harassing and humiliating them.

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Shortly afterward, Ramirez stated that a physician had unknowingly prescribed a banned medication.
Colorado now also has the largest annual production of beer of any state.
Integrity tests should be validated before they are used to select people into jobs.
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Tracked by police from Dayton, Ohio, he was captured and later transferred to the Allen County jail in Lima to be indicted in connection to the Bluffton robbery.
To one of these psychiatrists, Bittaker explained that his acknowledged criminal activities gave him a feeling of self-importance, although he insisted circumstantial matters increased his ability to resist committing crimes.
Glass made a headlines in 1985 as a petitioner in a Supreme Court case.
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Myside bias has been shown to influence the accuracy of memory recall.

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It has several thousand militants, and claims ideological kinship with al-Qaeda.
Curriculum used for these programs is based on lesson plans developed over the years by teachers and school volunteers.
Upon release, both Thompson and Venables had lost all trace of their Liverpool accents.
Suffering from heroin withdrawal during a show in Dallas, Texas, he spat blood at a woman who had climbed onstage and punched him in the face.
Although an honor student, Knight left college when still one credit shy of a degree to pursue his acting career.
Prince Dwarkanath Tagore was the first proprietor of that Library.
His love affair with music continued, often bunking classes to work on his technique, when he figured out a way to tune and play the guitar to make it sound like the Indian sitar.